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Todd Myers, founder of gw Beer:


So where did you come up with the idea for gw Beer?
Years ago I had gotten a copy of George Washington’s beer recipe (he had written it in his diary in 1757) I love drinking good beer and love history so when I learned of his recipe this was a natural for me. Then I was on the beach on the north shore one summer day and in the cooler were your typical heavy hopped-up micro brews and other watery no-taste high volume lager like beers. I had a craving for a really good tasting, well balanced, smooth and easy drinking beer.

Did you make it exactly the same way as Washington?
Well Washington made it in a wood barrel and left it in a field to ferment covered by a blanket. My brewer told me that he wasn’t going to make beer in an open field with a horse blanket covering it so we took it indoors.


What are you going for in all the beers your brew?
Something that’s got fine craft brewed flavor but that you can also drink to quench your thirst. It’s all about having a right balance of toasted malt and hop flavor and aroma, creating a beer with high drinkability

So you are the all American beer?
Well I haven’t thought of it exactly like that but yeah I guess we are. Every ingredient, the packaging, everything is made in America. You can’t get a more all American recipe; that’s for sure.